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There are plenty of reasons you might be thinking to migrate your Magento Store to Shopify.
Shopify emerged as a robust, reliable ecommerce platform. Share your project details and we will help you seamlessly migrate your Magento Store to Shopify.

Migration Service Overview

Migration from one ecommerce platform to another is always tricky and involves a lot of measures to ensure zero to minimum downtime and zero content loss. Every Ecommerce platform has different content storage, different URL structure and different Database schemas. These differences make the migration complex and labor intensive because each and every function need to be taken into consideration. The expertise of both platform (Existing platform and the one we are planning to migrate) is also mandatory for a successful transition.

It is also very important to set the right expectations because each platform has different ways to offer certain feature. For example, in one platform one plugin is free while the other platform is offering the same feature with an additional price.

With so many migration projects under our belt we have dedicated team available to understand your existing business, list down your requirement and submit a workable migration plan and work round the clock to ensure your business is migrated successfully with zero content loss and minimum downtime.

Pure Shopify

  • 100% focus on shopify
  • 10+ years of shopify experience
  • Large list of Happy Customers

Project Management

  • Quick Turn around
  • Professional Communication
  • Regular updates on your project

Professional Team

  • Creative and Vibrant Design team
  • Full Stack Developers
  • Shopify Liquid experts

Supported Ecommerce Platforms for Migration

  • Migration from Magento to Shopify
  • Migration from Prestashop to Shopify
  • Migration from WooCommerce to Shopify
  • Migration from OpenCart to Shopify
  • Migration from Weebly to Shopify
  • Migration from ZenCart to Shopify
  • Migration from Wix to Shopify
  • Migration from SquareSpace to Shopify
  • Migration from Webflow to Shopify
  • Migration from Figma to Shopify

Migration Service Highlights

  • Seamless Migration from Magento to Shopify
  • Smooth content Transfer which include:
  • Cloning your existing design into Shopify
  • Product Transfers
  • Product Collections/Categories migration
  • Customer Information and Profiles
  • Orders
  • Customized Feature Development
  • Relevant App Installation and Configurations

How it Works

  • We will build the Shopify store in our development environment to ensure your business remains up and running while we work on migration
  • Once done from our side, we will submit the Shopify store for your approval
  • Apply changes and revisions if there is any
  • Deliver the store and transfer the ownership