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Figma to Shopify

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Figma and Webflow are extremely powerful design platforms to create high converting stores.

Get your figma and webflow design converted into custom shopify theme.

Service Overview

To give your customer the best experience, we designed your website on a platform that offers the best animation, design scheme, and GUI Elements and most importantly without any coding skills. There are many popular platforms available in this domain. Figma and Webflow are providing user-friendly interfaces and let you translate your design ideas into a real website without any programming and coding knowledge.

The design part is awesome, the look and first impression of your landing page oblige your customer to explore what your website is offering. But in order to scale your e-commerce business, you need to provide a good buying experience with user friendly features. This is where you convert your potential customer into a buyer. There you need a robust ecommerce engine, User-friendly applications, plugins, and other features that are not only important but crucial for your e commerce success.

This is the point where you look around for a mature e-commerce platform. You want to keep your awesome landing pages, product pages you designed on Webflow, Figma, Weebly, or any other platform and migrate to a powerful e commerce engine such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, or Prestashop.

To convert your website, you have below options:

  • Convert your website using adapters and tools
  • Convert your Wefblow, Figma Pages into Shopify Theme

Pure Shopify

  • 100% focus on shopify
  • 10+ years of shopify experience
  • Large list of Happy Customers

Project Management

  • Quick Turn around
  • Professional Communication
  • Regular updates on your project

Professional Team

  • Creative and Vibrant Design team
  • Full Stack Developers
  • Shopify Liquid experts

Design Migration Service Highlights

  • Migrate, Convert or Clone the Figma Design in Shopify
  • Pixel perfect design as per provided Figma UI/UX
  • 100% hand coded custom design
  • Back-End Settings/Templates for easy content change

Benefits you will get

  • Improved Store loading time
  • Page codes will be accessible for future modification
  • Better SEO Performance
  • More Traffic, High Conversions
  • 100% responsive with cross platform compatibility

How it Works

  • We design the pages on a copy theme to ensure the business remain up and running while we work on migration
  • Once the pixel perfect copy is done, we submit the design for review and approval
  • Apply changes and revisions if there is any
  • Deliver the theme along with the newly designed pages
  • Our team helps migrating the newly built design to live store
  • Unlimited revisions until you are happy