Shopify Meal Plan Subscriptions

Feature Overview

A US-based client wanted to launch chef-cooked meal delivery services for their customer. The idea was to develop an ala-carte meal ordering system and Meal Subscription features in the Shopify store. The high-level requirement of required features are as under:

—    Ala-carte Meal Ordering System for Shopify

  • Develop a Meal ordering feature in the Shopify store to enable customers to select different meals for different dates.
  • The Ala-carte Button should route customers to a page where they can select the meals for the next five days.
  • On this page, customers can see the different list of meals for Monday, Tuesday, etc.
  • Customers need to pick a day/date and then select the required meal(s) they want to receive on a particular day. E.g. (Customer can select ‘green salad with yogurt’ for Monday, ‘Mexican Scrambled Eggs’ for Tuesday, and ‘Beef with tomato Salad’ for Wednesday.
  • Upon Checkout, payment will be made for all meals. At the backend, Shopify Administrator will know which meal to be delivered on which day.

—    Meal Plan Subscription (Weekly)

  • Meal Plan subscription page needed to develop in Shopify
  • Shopify Meal Plan subscription feature should take below input from a customer.
  • Meals Per Day ( Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Extra Meal )
  • How many days in a week ( 5 days, 7 Days )
  • What Meals need to be excluded (Allergies, Fish, etc.)

The Solution

Both ‘Shopify Meal Plan Subscription’ and ‘ala-carte Meal Ordering system’ are successfully developed. Both features are working exactly as per client requirements. Meal Plan Subscription is developed using ‘BOLD Subscription App’. We did complex customization and a lot of business logic to ensure the feature is delivered as it is required.

Similarly, Ala-Carte Meal Ordering System is developed using Complex Shopify Customization, Shopify Liquid Template Coding, JSONs for back-end setting, a lot of JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, and CSS.

Solution Benefits

  • The solution we developed and delivered is robust and future proof
  • We provided custom templates to enable Shopify admin to manage and change the content, images, and text without coding knowledge.
  • The feature solved complex order handling problems
  • Increased ROI and conversion significantly

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Client Overview

Our client was in Chef cooked meal delivery business and wanted to launch a meal delivery service using Shopify Platform with the help of relevant apps and customized ordering and subscription features.

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